Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why Hello There

When was the last time I just talked about me?
I mean, that is what most other people do with their blogs.

So, yeah.
Things are good and busy.

I got two or three videos filmed that I hope to get uploaded soon. That's pretty exciting. They are just about skincare and the such and give me a chance to show off just how much I don't remember about Beauty Therapy.

Tomorrow I am actually up to leave for a careers conference with Mary Kay at six am. I am not looking to the six am but I am looking forward to the conference. And what's more I am being driven there and back by two ladies with years of experience at being successful with Mary Kay so there is such a fantastic opportunity for me right there. That's really exciting.

Tomorrow as well I should be receiving my Christmas pack so I can film a little preview of some of the Christmas products for you. I am really looking forward to that.

On Monday the 26th mum has loaned me the church hall where I will be having a Christmas Preview where everybody will get the chance to see and feel all the Christmas products for themselves. That's super exciting.  (details to come)

And on Saturday the 31st of October I will be attending graduation where I shall officially receive my Diploma in Beauty Therapy from CIT. So exciting I don't even have words for it.

See you all in the comments  (and hopefully the Christmas Preview)

Rosemary Pirie

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