Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why Hello There Neighbour

Recently I sent around a letter to my neighbors (see below) that included this blog address.

So welcome Neighbors. This is my blog and I hope you find it useful.

First of all let me point you to the entire six posts I have made so far.

The post beneath this one is a microdermabrason set review. It was done by a beautiful girl I found on youtube and her video is just so honest. You can tell she means the things she says.

Next is another girl I found on youtube. She does a segment she calls "A Mary Kay Minute" on her channel and it's just so fun to watch.

Beneath that is the September Letter I email to all my customers.

The next post is a brush set review done by a wonderful friend of mine from america.

The last two are videos I made, tutorials, directions on how to apply makeup to get different looks and styles.

I do intend to make more, and different kinds of videos over the upcomming Monday/Tuesday.

I intend to get done that Monday/Tuesday:
A video on how to wash your brushes to take care of them
A video with a detailed explanation of what microdermabrasion is and how it works
A video about the importance of cleansing/moisturizing
And a video overview of how a skin care class will happen and what you as a hostess can do to help it be a success

If anybody has anything they would like to see, or questions they want answered then email me. or phone me.



My name is Rosemary and I recently moved into the neighbourhood. I just started selling cosmetics through Mary Kay and I need women to sample my product.

I set myself a goal of thirty new faces a month and I need your help to reach that goal. What I am offering is a chance for a skin care class, during which you will get a chance to trial the timewise set of three in one cleanser, day and night solutions and the moisturiser. After that I can match you up with your perfect match, foundation to suit your skin type and tone, and then we can talk about any specific skin care concerns you may have and I can let you have any colour samples you may want.
There is absoloutly no obligation, this is just the way Mary Kay gets their products known.

Now since it is just as easy for me to speak to four or five women as it is for me to speak to just one you can share your beauty appointment with three or four friends for a chance to earn hostess rewards. The company gives me the opportunity to share rewards with hostesses who open their home up to me and their friends for a chance to try some new products in a fun low pressure environment. In the month of October I can offer you the Mary Kay brush set valued at $75 if you share your appointment with three friends.

If you would prefer your first appointment to be alone, then by all means, try the products yourself first before recommending it to friends. A one on one appointment is heaps of fun.

If you would like to learn more about me or Mary Kay then I have started a blog at where I have put up a couple of videos on ways to apply makeup and product reviews etc.
Also check out for information about the company and it's products.
Or you can email me at or phone me on.

I really look forward to meeting new women and getting new opinions on my product.
I hope to see you soon.

Rosemary Pirie

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