Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to order Mary Kay

Mary Kay Cosmetics are sold on a direct sales basis.
That means you need an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay (such as myself) to place your order with her.

You can find a Independent Beauty Consultant near you by inquiring at the Mary Kay Website, or my calling or emailing me and I will find someone for you.

You can buy in person, by having a one on one facial, or beauty appointment or by hosting a party. 
A one on one appointment will allow you to get really personalised service, or a party or skin care class is a fun way to earn bonus's that can get you the products you want for a reduced price or maybe even free and a wonderful way to share a pamper session with your friends. 
See my what to expect at a skin care class blog by clicking here

The other way you can order your Mary Kay products is to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant yourself, and ordering your products at wholesale prices from Mary Kay.

Email me for more information.
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