Monday, November 16, 2009

Where is Beth?

Me and Kat recently realized that Elizabeth, or MKBeth has disappeared off youtube and neither of us had any contact information beyond her youtube channel. 
I know that she once followed my blog, I am wondering if she reads this if she could email me and tell us where she went. 
Not that we want to go all stalkery on her, but we want to know that she is ok. 


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  1. Hey girls!! It's Beth.. I happened to check my blog today and saw this post! It is so sweet to see that you girls wanted to know where I went.. well here's the story! I had a subscriber, place a Mary Kay order from me, and the night that I placed the order, she changed her mind and wanted a refund.. GRR.. anyway I gladly refunded her money only to find out almost two weeks later that she still hadn't gotten her refund.. so I checked into my ProPay to assure she had gotten it and to my surprise I had refunded the wrong card.. ooops.. I am human, I make mistakes.. I quickly corrected my mistake and everything ended fine.. except one small problem.. Well from my side of it, a HUGE problem, during the course of this correction, this young lady had decided to make a series of YouTube videos airing our personal situation for all of her subscribers to hear! Calling me all kinds of names and being very rude.. to which as you can imagine, she got lots of comments supporting her and even more, bashing me. Being the tender hearted kinda person that I am, I thought, this isn't worth this heartbreak. I simply made a mistake.. human error.. I didn't deserve to be bashed on YouTube the way I was. SO I deleted my account because I knew once she told everyone who I was, I was done. I don't like drama in my life so I got rid of it! However I still keep up with you girls, and still love watching all new looks, I do still have this blog.. but it's strictly for my jewelry! And thanks again, for the care from you two!! It means alot.. I hope that your businesses are doing well, mine is great! Love being a Mary Kay girl.. My Facebook page is attached to my blog as well as my email! So I hope to hear from you all ASAP! Keep Striving for greatness and that's exactly what you will get. With Love