Monday, September 21, 2009

Betty Davis Eyes

First of all, that's not your speakers, or my mic, it's my voice and it does get better I swear.

This tutorial was inspired by the Betty Davis look in Kevyn Aucoin's book, Face Forward. Totally one of the best books on
makeup ever.

The look is designed to pronounce the l
ook of the crease by having light colors on the lid and highlighted on the brow, but deep dark colors in the crease.

Conceal the corners of the lips, and any area you need it (I did under the eyes)
Do your usual Foundation
Prime lips and eyes

wash a highlighter color under your eyebrow and over your lid.
Put a deep brown in your crease and a little under your eye.
Eyeliner under your eye

Draw on lips with natural lip pencil, over pronouncing the pout and making the sides thinner
rich brownish lip color
Soft pink check color

Products Used:
Mary Kay concealer

Mary Kay foundation
Mary Kay Mineral foundation
Mary Kay Lip Primer
Mary Kay Eye Primer
Mary Kay Moonstone Mineral Eye Shadow
Mary Kay Espresso Mineral Eye Shado
Mary Kay Steely Eye Liner

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
Mary Kay Natural Lip Liner
Mary Kay Toffee Creme Lipstick

Mary Kay Amber Suede Creme Lipstick (because the first shade wasn't quite what I wanted)
Mary Kay Pink Petals cheek color

All those itty bitty packets were sample packets.
If you want a sample of any of the eye/lipstick/cheek colors then simply email me.
I can't guarantee that I can get samples to everybody on the internet for free, so I might ask for a dollar or two to cover
the cost if you are outside Australia.


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