Monday, November 30, 2009

Honey Sweetness

So yeah,
I've been looking at the makeup in advertisements and magazines and they are all really soft, and really natural, so I tried to recreate the look on my friends.

Products Used:
Clear skin with the Miracle Set
Mary Kay liquid foundation
Mary Kay Mineral powder
Honey Spice Mineral Eyeshadow
Crystalline Mineral Eyeshadow
Blush (Christmas Special)
Natural Lip Balm

The results!


And then we attempted to recreate a look similar to a peacock feather...


We almost got it...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How girls are made up for billboards, adds and magazines

This is a dove add, and part of their campaign for real beauty.

This is one of the reasons I love youtube. You get to see real women putting their makeup on, and the real results they get in their real living rooms.
They aren't polished, perfect, glamorized, touched up. They are real.

Catch you all in the comments.

Introducing MelissaNSD

I found another brilliant Mary Kay consultant/youtuber.
Her name is MelissaNSD and so far she has gone through a few looks you can create using the color cards.

She is a beautiful girl and a real treat to watch.
Check her out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Satin Lips review/tutorial by 16ystiifyed

Hey, remember that girl who made a video for me as her first ever video.
Well, she made another video and it's fantastic.
She did a little review/tutorial on the satin lips set, and I must admit that the satin lips set is one of my favorite things ever.
She did a brilliant job too.  Very well done for a second ever video.

Hope you like it as much as I did.
Talk to you all later.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kat's Miracle Set Review.

It seems to me every now and then that I put more of Kats videos up here than I do my own.
I unfortunately suffer from large amounts of convincing myself I am too busy to make a video.  This probably isn't really true.

Anyhow, Kat has made another wonderful video.
It's a review of the Miracle Set, the basic skin care set offered by Mary Kay,

She did a wonderful job making this video.
It's a brilliant review. 

I will check in with you all soon.

Where is Beth?

Me and Kat recently realized that Elizabeth, or MKBeth has disappeared off youtube and neither of us had any contact information beyond her youtube channel. 
I know that she once followed my blog, I am wondering if she reads this if she could email me and tell us where she went. 
Not that we want to go all stalkery on her, but we want to know that she is ok. 


Monday, November 9, 2009

My friend Kats Twilight series.

I am loving this series by Kat sooo darn much.

I am totally a closet twilight fan.
(don't tell anybody though)
(and yes that is why I first tried the Bella scent)

I am going to update this as she uploads the videos, so check back to this post regularly to see the different looks

Also I am totally looking forward to Alice.  I loved Alice. 


And for the next few series she had an eye pallet that wasn't Mary Kay.
The attraction being the brighter, bolder, less natural eye colors.


I got another entry!

I got another entry to my my compition!

I am soo excited about how many people have taken part in this. 
This is one from another Mary Kay consultant in Canada, and it is actually her first ever video. 

She did super well. 
I am really pleased.
It's Awesome.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to order Mary Kay

Mary Kay Cosmetics are sold on a direct sales basis.
That means you need an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay (such as myself) to place your order with her.

You can find a Independent Beauty Consultant near you by inquiring at the Mary Kay Website, or my calling or emailing me and I will find someone for you.

You can buy in person, by having a one on one facial, or beauty appointment or by hosting a party. 
A one on one appointment will allow you to get really personalised service, or a party or skin care class is a fun way to earn bonus's that can get you the products you want for a reduced price or maybe even free and a wonderful way to share a pamper session with your friends. 
See my what to expect at a skin care class blog by clicking here

The other way you can order your Mary Kay products is to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant yourself, and ordering your products at wholesale prices from Mary Kay.

Email me for more information.
I love recieving your emails
Or call me
0450 293 171

Secound Video Entry!

I got my secound entry from my friend Kat. 

She did really well and I loved the addition of glitter. 
It's so frosty and cool.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I got my first entry!

I got my frist entry to my contest! 

I am pretty darn excited and impressed with this one. 
It is from MKBeth, who is a reular subscriber of my chanel, as I am of hers, and I have admired her makeup looks for quite a while so I really happy to see her entry. 

She is abosoloutly brillant.
A total makeup icon if you ask me.

Check it out and I will talk to you all soon.


Contest video

Contest video!

Ok.  So the basic premise of this video is to see who can do the best tutorial using the crystailine, honey spice and iris mineral eye colors by Mary Kay.

To enter have a video responce of you putting your makeup on using those three colors posted as a response to this video.

To get samples email me: by 17th November.  Be sure to include your postal information in the email so I can send the samples. 

The video response has to be before the 6th December  (which is totally my birthday too)

The winner will get retail sizes of all three colors.

Open internationally.

Must have parental permission if you are under 18 because I will be mailing you stuff.  Parents care who you are giving your postal address to. 

My subscribers/friends who are already Mary Kay consultants, there will be an alternate prize.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Look book color harmony inspired look.

I finally did a new video, and it only took me like a dozen times to get the technology to work for me.

This look is inspired by the color harmony look from the lookbook.  

But, this is an old borrowed camera and the colors come out all wrong.  Check out the photo's for more color accuracy.

Products used:
Mary Kay liquid foundation
Mary Kay mineral powder
Mary Kay eye primer
Mary Kay lip primer
Mary Kay mineral eye color crystaline
Mary Kay mineral eye color honey spice
Mary Kay mineral eye color iris
Mary Kay ultimate mascara
Mary Kay tinted lip balm +spf  Natural
Mary Kay dusty pink lip liner
Mary Kay dusty rose lipstick

First (or actually second) attempt

Attempt Two!  (or three)

The video look.  

Email me:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What to expect from your skin care class.

I have been intending to do a video for a while, on what to expect from your skin care class, but unfortunately I have been unable to complete the video. 
So, in the interim, a text based explanation on how your skin care class will go down.

The purpose of the skin care class is to teach and educate people about their skin and how and why to look after it.

There is some stuff that will happen before your skin care class even begins.
First of all, if you are the host, there is the chance for you to get pre-orders from workmates, friends and family who can't make it to the night.  I will provide you with a look book and a pre-orders form and these pre-orders will help maximize your hostess rewards of discounted or free products.
I can also provide you with advice on what to say when inviting people to your skin care class, because some people can find this a bit awquard, or even advice on who to invite.

A few days before the skin care class I would call gather your guest list and phone numbers from the guests, so be sure to tell them to expect my call.  I do this so I can ask them questions about their skin and what their concerns are and make sure that I bring all the right products. 

People will arrive, get to sample the satin hands set try the satin hand set, then we will all settle in for the presentation.  The presentation will include discussion on the way skin grows, what it is made up of, and what you can do to help it maintain it's natural health.
Then everybody gets to sample the products they need based on the phone call we had a few days prior.
After that everybody can get matched up with their perfect match foundation and the formal part of the class is over.

The next part is the individual consultation.  This is where I talk to all of the guests individually by sitting aside and discussing orders and future bookings.
If anybody purchases skin care products then I will phone to see how it's going two days after ordering, and then in two weeks we will arrange to meet, to see if anything needs changing while she is still eligible for the money back or exchange guarantee.  This can also be a fantastic time to book for a color lesson, or to book a skin care class of her own. 
If you are the hostess you can help by making a little coffee to give people something to do while I talk to the others.

 And that's pretty much it.  Your skin care class in a nutshell.

For more information about the Miracle Set used in the skin care class click here

I will see to you guys in the comments.
And as always,
Don't forget to be Awesome.