Sunday, November 1, 2009

What to expect from your skin care class.

I have been intending to do a video for a while, on what to expect from your skin care class, but unfortunately I have been unable to complete the video. 
So, in the interim, a text based explanation on how your skin care class will go down.

The purpose of the skin care class is to teach and educate people about their skin and how and why to look after it.

There is some stuff that will happen before your skin care class even begins.
First of all, if you are the host, there is the chance for you to get pre-orders from workmates, friends and family who can't make it to the night.  I will provide you with a look book and a pre-orders form and these pre-orders will help maximize your hostess rewards of discounted or free products.
I can also provide you with advice on what to say when inviting people to your skin care class, because some people can find this a bit awquard, or even advice on who to invite.

A few days before the skin care class I would call gather your guest list and phone numbers from the guests, so be sure to tell them to expect my call.  I do this so I can ask them questions about their skin and what their concerns are and make sure that I bring all the right products. 

People will arrive, get to sample the satin hands set try the satin hand set, then we will all settle in for the presentation.  The presentation will include discussion on the way skin grows, what it is made up of, and what you can do to help it maintain it's natural health.
Then everybody gets to sample the products they need based on the phone call we had a few days prior.
After that everybody can get matched up with their perfect match foundation and the formal part of the class is over.

The next part is the individual consultation.  This is where I talk to all of the guests individually by sitting aside and discussing orders and future bookings.
If anybody purchases skin care products then I will phone to see how it's going two days after ordering, and then in two weeks we will arrange to meet, to see if anything needs changing while she is still eligible for the money back or exchange guarantee.  This can also be a fantastic time to book for a color lesson, or to book a skin care class of her own. 
If you are the hostess you can help by making a little coffee to give people something to do while I talk to the others.

 And that's pretty much it.  Your skin care class in a nutshell.

For more information about the Miracle Set used in the skin care class click here

I will see to you guys in the comments.
And as always,
Don't forget to be Awesome.


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